BUFFET Or bust
If serving a meal, consider serving a buffet-style dinner. Buffets allow you the flexibility to plan for a appetizers, a full dinner, desserts or any combination of. Additionally, it helps with food serving and allows ample time for your guests to mingle while eating.

Check out some tips and recipes for making buffets here.

Being a wedding, the options for foods are open to what you (as host) wish.


  • Pick foods that you can make ahead and are easy to serve.

  • Buffet-style dinners do well and cut back on the responsibilities of serving food.

  • Appetizers and sweets also do well, since they allow your guests to mingle.

  • Whatever you decide, input the food items into the menu (included with the mystery).

If serving a sit down down meal:

  • Create a head table for the wedding party and sit guests according to their "families".

  • Use namecards (included with the mystery) to distinguish where people should sit.


Wedding Cake!

  • Check out these cake toppers: Spy, Corpse Bride, Skeleton, Zombie Couple.

  • Have a wedding cake with a butcher knife and “blood” dripping from the cake.

  • Have a wedding cake made and use toy pistols as cake toppers.

  • Add candied skulls or halloween candy to the wedding cake for added “mystery” appeal.

Chocolate fountains and candy bars are another trend popular in weddings today.

Be sure to utilize all of the extras that come with the mystery--

• Name cards for your guests
• Personalized menus
• Drink charms for all of your guests
• Recipe and directions to make some killer chiller glasses
• Designed labels to put on champagne bottles for awards
• and MORE!

wedding "classics": If planning a wedding reception, don't forget some of the "classics" like the chicken dance, the hokey pokey, the cha-cha slide, marcarena and more!

MIx It Up! Weddings are popular for having a variety of music played by a dj. Make a mix of your favorite songs to have your crowd dancing and sleuthing at the same time. See section above for dances you will want to make sure are on your mix list."The Wedding Singer" soundtrack is one to consider. Here is a list of the top 200 songs for wedding receptions!

Mobster Music- Since the father of the bride has some questionable ties to organized crime, you might want to look to such soundtracks as The Godfather, The Sopranos and Bugsy to add a soundtrack to your own party!

Love Music- Find a compilation of love songs perfect for any romantic day. Find it here.

For Free Music- Visit your local library for a number of compilations and artists.

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